Please note our General Policies

Welcome to Harwelden Mansion! We are excited to be working with you on your upcoming event. Harwelden Mansion was constructed in 1923 and is a NationalLandmark, listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Honoring Harwelden Mansion’s legacy and historical significance means we have high standards and expectations of those who use or work in Harwelden Mansion to preserve the integrity of the restoration, architecture, and the mansion’s reputation.

The team at Harwelden Mansion wants the mansion to serve as a perfect setting for your event, but the nature of historic homes means that there may be construction or maintenance work ongoing on certain parts of the mansion at the time of your stay prevent. Every effort will be made to minimize any impact this may have on your event.

Please note the following General Policies:

EVENT START/END TIMES: Start times are TBD and will be documented on your agreement. All events must end no later than 10:00 PM. If you rent the mansion based on an hourly fee you must include 2 additional hours. One (1) hour for set-up and one (1) hour for cleanup. Any wedding or event should include 2 additional hours for set up and tear down. Exceptions to these times must be discussed with Harwelden Mansion representative. Early entry or late exit will be subject to additional fees.

SETUP: The setup of tables and chairs will be done as discussed and agreed to with a mansion representative. Once documented, there are to be no alterations to the floor plans within 30 days of the event. 

CHILDREN: Children must be supervised by an adult at all times. No jumping on

furniture pieces or running through the mansion.

LANDSCAPING: All persons must remain on the pathways or lawns during outdoor

events. Guests and vendors are not allowed to walk through the flower beds for better photography positioning. We ask that you be respectful and assure that there is no damage to flowers and landscape. We reserve the right to assess and charge for damages to the landscape, including replacing plants if necessary. The pond behind Harwelden Mansion is not for swimming and should not be used in any manner.

AEROSOLS: Application of hairspray, cologne, perfumes, aerosol sprays, and make-up is only allowed in designated dressing rooms (if provided for your event),the public restrooms located on the basement floor of the mansion, or outdoors.

PERMANENT FIXTURES: The historic piano is not to be moved and cannot hold

heavy objects or drinks. The bar is permanently located in the Sun Room.

MUSIC: No amplified music.

DANCING: Indoors, dancing shall be restricted to the Garden Room. The west veranda can also be used for dancing. 

PARKING: Harwelden has parking on site. Parking on the road is available as well.Harwelden also owns the lot located on the southeast corner of 21st and Main Street that can be used for parking. No parking in the adjacent private lots. You are responsible for notifying your guests of these restrictions. Street parking on either side of Harwelden Mansion is permitted. Depending on the guest count, a valet service may be required.

RENTALS: All rentals (linens, table settings, etc.) must come from Party Pro Rents in Tulsa. Rented items can stay in the kitchen for the rental company to pick up then ext day.

WEDDING REHEARSALS: For weddings, if no event is booked the day before, a 1-hour rehearsal can be done the day before the wedding during business hours

DECORATIONS: All plans for décor are subject to approval and are limited to the

designated event spaces. Nothing may be affixed to any interior or exterior surface of

Harwelden Mansion without advance approval. Decorations must be minimal and free-standing or draped. No signage or banners may be placed on Harwelden Mansion’s grounds. Because of the significant fire risk to Harwelden Mansion, all decorative items must be fireproof. Any items requiring open flame are NOT permitted within Harwelden Mansion property. LED or other battery-powered candles are an acceptable option, so long as they do not use halogen or other high-heat bulbs. Glitter is never allowed, either by itself or on décor of any kind. Real flower petals can only be used outside Harwelden Mansion and must be picked up afterward.

APPROVED GRAND EXIT ITEMS: For indoor events, silk flower petals may be used as decoration or tossed and must be collected in their entirety by the end of the event. No rice, confetti, birdseed, potpourri, etc., is allowed indoors or outdoors.Approved items include, but are not limited to, lighted devices, glow sticks, silk flower petals, noise makers, pom-poms, small hand-held flags, and cold sparklers.

ORDINARY WEAR AND TEAR: The lessee shall be responsible for all damage not

caused by ordinary wear and tear. “Ordinary wear and tear” shall mean only normal deterioration of Harwelden Mansion (such as dirty linens and usage of the restroom

and its facilities) caused by ordinary, reasonable, and proper use of the venue and its furniture. Damage that is not “ordinary wear and tear” includes, but is not

limited to, broken dishes, improper use of facilities, abuse of furniture, lack of

cleaning, and dirtying of venue by ink, blood, vomit, paint, mud, plaster, concrete, or any other material. The lessee will be held financially responsible for the damages mentioned above at the sole discretion of Harwelden Mansion.

PHOTOGRAPHY: Harwelden Mansion is allowed to take photos at all events.Harwelden Mansion uses live, video, and still photography to assist with the promotion of the venue. Copies of those photos are available by request. Harwelden Mansion has the right to use all photos and video taken at Harwelden Mansion by your photographer and videographer for promotional purposes. Please refer to the“Photography and Video Policy” on website for additional information.

ALCOHOL: Alcoholic beverages shall not be consumed by anyone under 21 years old. Harwelden Mansion allows caterers to provide liquor for events. All open alcohol must be disposed of properly, and unopened alcohol must be taken from Harwelden Mansion premises by the end of the event. Bar service must stop promptly 30minutes before the contracted event end time. No alcohol will be allowed to be picked up at a later date unless discussed and agreed upon by a mansion representative. No cash bars or shots of any kind will be allowed in the mansion.Only a properly trained and licensed catering bartender may serve liquor, and bar(s)must be staffed at all times. All bartending companies must be pre-approved by Harwelden Mansion and provide a copy of their license and insurance by the final walk-through meeting 2 weeks prior to the event. The bartending company and lessee assume all responsibility for the conduct and consumption of guests. The bar in the Sun Room is stationary and permanent to the Sun Room. However, drinks may be served from any uncarpeted area in the mansion.

ADDITIONAL SITE VISITS: We allow 1 additional site visit for all events after

booking the venue. We recommend coordinating with any vendors necessary to bring on this visit with you.

FINAL WALK-THROUGH: A final walk-through with all vendors must be scheduled

during business hours 2 weeks before the event. At this time, a list of all vendors and their contact information should be given to the mansion representative for coordination on the morning of the event and a copy of the bartender’s license and any required insurance.

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT: In the event of an emergency that requires the fire department, police department, or emergency medical personnel, the lessee agrees to call 911 immediately. Harwelden Mansion representatives are not trained or qualified to administer emergency services. It is the lessee’s sole responsibility to provide on-site or on-call emergency services, such as an EMT if desired. Mansion representatives reserve the right to immediately and without notice amend and alter the setup configuration or placement of any items they consider a hazard. Any behavior or activities that are offensive, abusive, illegal, or may endanger Harwelden Mansion’s property, guests, personnel, visitors, collections, or facilities are explicitly prohibited. The lessee is responsible for the behavior of their guests, invitees, and agents while they are at Harwelden Mansion. Mansion representatives may request that individuals engaging in such behavior leave the premises. A mansion representative may terminate any event at any time if, in their judgment, the event endangers its guests, personnel, visitors, collections, or facilities.

SECURITY: Harwelden Mansion reserves the right to require the lessee to

provide security for their event. For approved events of 125+ guests, event security is required. Security companies must have insurance endorsement. We must have verification of security one month prior to the event.

FIREARMS: No weapons or firearms are allowed on Harwelden Mansion property.

ACCESSIBILITY: Certain rooms and outdoor spaces in Harwelden Mansion may not be accessible to guests with mobility issues. Every effort will be made to make accommodations, though the historic nature of the mansion makes it impossible to render every space accessible. 

NO SMOKING POLICY: Due to the historic nature of the mansion, smoking is not allowed on the property this includes vaping. 

CLEAN UP: All food and other waste must be gathered and disposed of in the trash bags provided. Trash bags must be removed from the kitchen and placed in the dumpster located in the fenced-in area to the side of Harwelden Mansion. Any items brought in must be removed by the end of your contracted time. Any damage or extra cleanup caused by the lessee, contractors, or guests will be deducted from the deposit. A credit card must be on file to cover charges above the deposit amount.The lessee must notify a mansion representative of all breakage or unsanitary conditions as a result of the event. Clean-up requires you to leave Harwelden Mansion in the condition you found it. If you do not want to be responsible for the cleanup and need a recommendation for professional janitorial and post-event cleanup services; please ask, and a recommendation will be given.

INDEMNIFICATION: The use of the facility is at your own risk. Harwelden Mansion is not liable for lost or stolen items, personal injury, or damages to your personal property while at the facility. You are required to hold harmless, indemnify, and defend Harwelden Mansion, to the maximum extent allowed by law, from any and all liability arising from your use of our facilities, including the payment of legal and attorney fees and costs incurred in defense of any actual or alleged liability.

INSURANCE: The lessee may need to provide Harwelden Mansion with and maintain a $1 million property damage and liability insurance certificate. This may be obtained through the lessee’s homeowner, renter, or business insurance company.The certificate must name the Harwelden Society of Tulsa (dba Harwelden

Mansion) and Hickory House Properties, LLC as additionally insured.

All proof of insurance must be submitted with the final payment 30 days prior to the event. 

If you have any additional questions, please contact us at [email protected] or 918-960-0714.