Ten Wedding Trends for 2022

Since Miss Margo Harwell’s wedding celebration in August 1942, the Harwelden Mansion has hosted numerous wedding events. Stylish and elegant, Miss Margo’s wedding was the toast of Tulsa society that summer. Harwelden Mansion has effortlessly adapted to changing wedding trends over the decades, hosting intimate, lavish, cultural, and even vintage wedding festivities.  In the last […]

Harwelden Mansion Gargoyles

Crouching unsuspectingly, overlooking the city of Tulsa and with a bird’s eye view of the Arkansas River, Harwelden Mansion’s rooftop dwellers have been quietly observing the passing of years.  From this vantage point, these sandstone dogs have protected the occupants of 2210 S Main in Tulsa from spirits lurking above since 1923. Although called gargoyles […]

Inspired Patrick Gordon “3 Iroquois Pear” Art Piece

Artist Patrick (P.S.) Gordon was born in Claremore, OK in 1953. He realized his passion for painting when he was a young boy when his mother, a locally recognized still-life painter, first introduced still life painting techniques to him. He continued on to study art and got his BFA from the University of Tulsa. Patrick’s […]

Mansion Procedures Amid Covid-19

THE HISTORIC HARWELDEN MANSION, TULSA OKLAHOMA BED AND BREAKFAST AND EVENT CENTER OPEN FOR BUSINESS HEALTH:  We will check the temperature of all who enter the mansion. We may ask about cough, fever and if you have been in close contact with anyone exhibiting these systems or has been quarantined.  No one with a fever […]

A Delightful Bed & Breakfast Experience

Upon arriving at the historic Harwelden Mansion in Tulsa, Oklahoma for your anniversary, birthday, or just a weekend get-away; you will enjoy luxurious yet comfortable accommodations while being cherished and appreciated by the staff. The Harwelden Mansion is big for a home size, but just right for travelers that desire a unique boutique hotel or […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Paula Matthews

Welcome to the second rendition of our Volunteer Spotlight segment. This month, you get to meet Paula Matthews, one of first event volunteers.   If you have attended one of our Afternoon Teas or other public events, you have probably met or visited with Paula.  She is always there to greet you with a warm smile and a […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Vicki Marino

We love our volunteers and appreciate the valuable role they play in the operations of the mansion.  We could not be more excited to introduce you to one of our very first volunteers, Vicki Marino.  If you have attended one of our Afternoon Teas or Historic Mansion Tours, you have probably met or visited with Vicki.  […]

The Piano

February 2020 The Piano By Haley Ertl The historic Harwelden Mansion is home to a stunning piece of art, an antique piano. Upon further inspection, you will find out that this specific piano is not only a Wm. Knabe & Co piano, but also the original piano in the Harwell home from the mansion’s inception […]