Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

Picking the Perfect Wedding Favor

By April Burns

One of my favorite parts of attending a wedding (other than the ceremony-I’m a sucker for love) is to see how the newlyweds have chosen to represent themselves in a gift for their guests to take home. There are so many options when it comes to wedding favors, but when a couple takes the time to focus on the importance of the favor-it takes it to an entirely different level. Here are our top 4 tips for picking the perfect wedding favor!

Be Personal

April’s Wedding Favor

When beginning the search of what to do for your big day, I highly recommend picking something that is personal and is the best representation of you and your spouse. For my wedding, we chose to gift small, potted succulents (harder to kill than a regular plant which is needed in my case as I do NOT have a green thumb) with a cute sign that said, “Let Love Grow”. We had succulents all over our wedding, from the boutonnieres and bouquets to our centerpieces. I will not say that it was the easiest gift as potting 150 succulents took quite a bit of time, but it is an incredible feeling when I see them still displayed in my friends’ homes today.

Play Up the Season 

Monogrammed blanket by SweetLemonStitches

Play up the season your wedding is in. If you are having a winter wedding, a fleece blanket that is monogrammed with your initials is a perfect gift. When your friends curl up at home on a chilly night with that blanket, they will be reminded of your special day and the fun that they had at your wedding. Etsy user SweetLemonStitches offers this cozy personalized fleece blanket at their online store. It comes in various colors and with a choice of several adorable fonts!




Yummy and Fun 

Doughnut walls have become very popular for weddings too! Who doesn’t want a yummy snack before they depart the venue for the night? Look at how fun this one is from City Kitchen NYC! Another edible favor idea, a CANDY BAR! Mix it with all of you and your spouse’s absolute favorites and have little gift baggies for the guests to mix and match all the different flavors imaginable.

Make Your Own

Customized Glass Vase from FineGiftsEngraving

Small vases engraved with the wedding date with a sign telling the guests to pick and choose different flowers from the centerpieces at the end of the evening have been making an appearance at weddings. Most of those displays get thrown away at the end of the night, so why not let your guests take home their own hand-picked bouquet?There are unlimited options, from personalized koozies and sunglasses to hot cocoa mix packets to mini champagne bottles. No matter what you choose, your guests will love taking a part of your special day!

April Burns is the Event Manager at the Harwelden Mansion. She is a Tulsa native with a passion for history, event planning, and helping others. In addition to working at the Harwelden, April also works at a local, non-profit college in the Tulsa area focusing on the fashion and beauty industry.

 The Harwelden Mansion was built in 1923 by Earl and Mary Harwell. The beautiful English Tudor, Collegiate Gothic-styled mansion is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and sits on top of a hill overlooking the Arkansas River, minutes from downtown Tulsa and the world-renowned park, The Gathering Place. The mansion, with its 3+ acre lot and alluring landscape and botanic gardens, is available to rent as a wedding and events venue as well as a luxury bed and breakfast for overnight stays.  

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